M2 Calibration Opens for Business

As of December 12th, 2016, M2 Calibration officially opened it's doors for business! M2 Calibration is a division of M2 Scientifics focusing on weighing equipment service, sales and calibration. After two strong years in the weighing category, the team at M2 Scientifics decided to move into the service sector by opening a weighing metrology division. After months of preparation, M2 Calibration is a reality.

Our team hit the ground running with a brand new facility, a new fleet of service vehicles and a comprehensive selection of tools, software and certified weights. Along with all the new equipment, M2 Calibration brought on a great team of individuals that together possess decades of experience and knowledge. We wanted to put our best foot forward and invested in superior quality tools and assets. But none of that matters without have a strong team to use them. M2 Calibration is truly excited to showcase our capabilities through our innovative and devoted team. 

M2 Calibration will focus on all things weighing. We cover everything from analytical balances to heavy-capacity truck and rail scales. On-site service is available across the entire state of Michigan with some services carrying into surrounding states like Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Our portfolio of services covers scale repair, calibration, maintenance packages and asset management. With two facilities in West Michigan, we will also offer a unique inventory assistance program that will focus on maintaining common scales and parts for our clients. This will help to reduce down time and costs. We anticipate this will become one of the most popular services for our local customers.

Our sales team covers the entire United States through a strong e-commerce position held by our parent company M2 Scientifics. Adding the weighing metrology division was a natural choice given the strong presence held in the weighing category. Analytical scales and bench scales made up a strong percentage of sales for both 2015 and 2016. M2 Scientifics' strength in this category was made possible through strategic partnerships and strong brand support. M2 Calibration launched with a diverse portfolio of scale brands including OHAUS, Sartorius, A&D Weighing, Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Adam Equipment and plenty of others. As an authorized distributor for most of these scale manufacturers, M2 Calibration is in a strong position to provide additional products and services not typically available to other retailers. Combining our sales and service capability will make M2 Calibration a strong provider both locally and nationally. 

To learn more about M2 Calibration, visit www.m2calibration.com. And for more information about our parent company M2 Scientifics, visit www.m2scientifics.com.