New Website & Mission Statement

weighing down to a science.jpg

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website! Along with the fresh new look, we've updated our mission statement to better reflect who we are as a company. As you can see in the image above, we've displayed the updated statement loud and proud!

Mission Statement

"Weighing Down to a Science" starts at the root of our company. M2 Calibration is the weighing instrument service division of M2 Scientifics, a laboratory supply company that has serviced industries including education, biotech, energy, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and manufacturing since 2012. 

The update to the M2 Calibration website reflects our message of maintaining quality and continuous improvement. As our company grows, we invest more time and capital into improving not only our internal quality standards, but also improving the way our customers interact with us.

"Weighing Down to a Science" was a natural choice for the new mission statement. It was second nature for us because it directly acknowledges our company's roots," our CEO Jon explained. "M2 Scientifics has been servicing scientific research and education professionals for years. In continuing our dedication to quality and accuracy, "Weighing Down to a Science" was the perfect choice for our weighing service division."

Improved Website

The new M2 Calibration site informs current and potential customers about our capabilities, our quality standards and qualifications. It provides a visually appealing overview of the products and brands we support, while also allowing convenient access for our customers document requirements via M2 Certs.

How does our site look? What do you think of our new mission statement? If you have feedback, we'd love to hear it!