M2 Calibration was formed as a metrology service division of M2 Scientifics, a laboratory equipment and supply distributor that's been servicing customers across the country since 2012. After years of strong sales numbers in the weighing equipment category, it was natural to consider additional service offerings in that space. This consideration, along with requests and feedback from many of our customers, led us to form the service division specializing in weighing equipment metrology.  

M2 Calibration was born.



Combining M2 Calibration's service capability with M2 Scientifics' laboratory product offering has allowed us to provide additionally capabilities for customers operating in a wide range of applications. From research to manufacturing, many industries are using scales and other weighing equipment as part of their processes. Industry and government regulations, along with internal quality standards, drives companies both large and small to maintain their scales and balances on a regular basis. Traceable calibration, regular inspections, repairs and maintenance are all part of the process to ensure superior results and accurate measure.

The team at M2 Calibration has a simple mission; to deliver exceptional service, expert advice and to be an all-inclusive weighing solution provider for our customers.