Quality Statement

M2 Calibration follows strict internal and relevant industry quality standards. Our team works hard to maintain quality through improvement of internal quality systems, development and innovation. We've deployed an internal quality manual that is strictly upheld and maintained by dedicated staff to ensure the expectations of our customers are consistently exceeded.

Our Holland facility is home to our calibration lab designed to verify and certify weighing equipment efficiently and effectively. The tools and equipment used are constantly maintained and upgraded as necessary to ensure accuracy and reliability. In early 2017, we deployed a new fleet of service vehicles that offer additional capability in the field. Each vehicle is outfitted with NIST-traceable calibration standards, equipment and repair parts.



Our calibration standards are traceable to NIST and regularly certified by an approved NVLAP laboratory. We inspect and verify calibration standards on a regularly scheduled basis at our in-house laboratory to ensure accuracy between certifications.


Analytical Balances, laboratory scales, counting scales, floor scales, tank/hopper scales, conveyor scales, crane scales

M2 Calibration currently specializes in weighing metrology. As we continue to grow, we will be expanding our scope to include more metrology services. Do you have equipment not listed in our scope? We've partnered with other service providers offering additional capabilities within their scope.



M2 Calibration employs skilled and experienced technicians that are licensed with the State of Michigan Weights and Measures. Our techs have decades of combined experience and are capable of placing into service NTEP Legal-for-Trade weighing equipment for commercial use. 

The State of Michigan Weights and Measures Program protects consumers and businesses engaging in the sale of or purchase of goods sold by weight. Laws set forth by Weights and Measures apply to any individual or company using weighing scales or other measurement devices for commercial or law enforcement applications. Scales must be NTEP-approved to be used in Legal-for-Trade applications. Before using any Legal-for-Trade equipment, it must be placed-into-service per Weights and Measures guidelines by state registered service technicians.